Nameless Performance 5" Bridge Pull


First Meet with the GSS crew...

Anytime you meet a large group of people it's kind of odd. You never know what to expect. I found a few people and stuck with them and would talk to them for a while and talk to a few others. There were a lot of knowledgable owners and tons of mods. Yes, there was one 350Z. But we're car people. Does it matter? Not to me. This is what I love to see; a group of individuals finding common ground. For us, it's our passion for cars, typically Subarus. Granite State Subarus also is doing an annual charity cruise in May for breast cancer that I plan on attending.  We are Subaru owners after all. Sticking with what the brand is about... coming together.

DRL's Backordered.... But...

So the first pair of Headlamps came in today. they had a not inside stating that my DRL's that I ordered are backordered and will receive them when they become available.  Of course, me being impatient, I installed them on the car. So far I am happy with the quality of products that OLM and Subispeed have to offer. Granted, Subispeed is a retailer that focuses on the performance cars (BR-Z, WRX, STi) that are apart of the Subaru brand. However, the light sockets are the same so doing this retrofit was fairly straight forward. You can even use the same videos for the WRX that are on Subispeed.com. I went with the 5500K LED kit from OLM to get a more whiter light. I read somewhere the bluer the light, the less effective they are in foul weather. 


Back at it....

   Lately I am like a mad scientist. I have told you about my plans for the lights. What I failed to tell you is where I am heading with my ideas. My thoughts started with "I'll just do the lights" to "What if the WRX had an evil stepchild that was lifted?" I am thinking a tamer evil stepchild as I still need to drive this everywhere and is my main source of transportation. But that doesn't mean I can't add minor mechanical modifications. Right? Maybe I'll get it tuned later on.  But as of right now, most of my modifications are cosmetic and for safety as well.  So far I have installed LED's in to the parking lights, and the Eyebrows. I did try installing them into my taillights and I got lights on my dash for my TCS, ABS and Hill start assist. What's next? LED high and low beams... That'll do it for now. I will have some more goodies to show you in the upcoming weeks. Before I forget, the parking lights are philips LED's that are 194 (same family as the 168) so it's a simple install.

OLM C-lights at night.
Olm C-Lights during the day.


It's been awhile....

 Well I'm back. I've been traveling and working on relocating. Pretty soon, I will be residing in New Hampshire. When I get up there, the Sabaru car scene is respectable with a lot of owners and enthusiasts. Sounds like a great place to move to and meet up with Granite State Subarus. I have ordered a piece to fix my center console after a bottle of crazy glue leaked and stuck the bottle inside. Luckily, the part needed was reasonable in price and is not too hard to install. I am also looking to finally upgrade the lighting to full LED's from Subispeed. I figured it's worth the investment and save money later on down the line for other items and maybe some performance upgrades as well. I will post a video on this on my brand new dedicated Subaru YouTube channel (link will follow on the links page). 


Prepping the Subie for a bugout scenario:

In collaboration with TacticalGunGuy1989, I have been working on prepping my Subie for a bugout situation. I have had plans for skid plates  and lighting upgrades for quite sometime. It turns out, it's not a bad idea. Adding things like skid plates and brighter lights don't just add style and protection, but can help during parlous times. Also having an IFAK or a first aid kit is not bad. Adding a vehicle escape tool is not a bad idea as well. Things like this can save your life even when everything seems like it's going your way; something just takes a second from being good to bad. Having items in the winter like an vehicle ID kit for a visor or a flare set can help emergency crews find your vehicle if you get stuck. 


Absent for a while....

     So as many of you probably noticed I have not posted anything in a while. I have been scouring the region for new ideas for the blog. I have some new light to breathe into. It all started when I started working at my new job and met a fellow Subaru enthusiast, Elvis. We talked about his 2015 WRX Base and what he had planned for it. As it sits right now, He already has some aftermarket add-ons such as a  Cobb Accessport V3 and LED lighting from Subispeed.com.  Elvis has a long list of plans for his car. So how does this impact this blog? I too am planning some minor esthetically appealing upgrades, and maybe a couple minor performance tweaks as well. I am in the midst of researching the same LED lights that Elvis has as they are the same size as my Crosstrek.

OLM LED Boomerang/"C Lights"


Could performance upgrades be in the works for the XV?

As I was going through the YouTube channels, I came across a company in Australia that is producing performance parts for the XV. MRT Performance has produced kits for the XV and the Impreza base models that gain substantial power and torque without utilizing aftermarket engine internals. Australia is leading the performance market for new FB series engine. Not only are their turbos that are made by MRT, there are numerous other companies manufacturing parts such as Raptor, who happens to manufacture a supercharger kit. If you would like more information on MRT or Raptor  please visit our "Links" page.