Some advice on how to set up a meet:

So this week I decided to take a word of advice from another member and try to create interest in this week's meet. A lot of you know that I love using twitter to gain interest in posts and things. I also tend to use all the resources I have available. Here's some advice on setting up a meet:

  • Make sure you give enough notice and detail on where and when it is going to take place
  • Get the okay of the venue that you are interested in and make sure there is adequate parking available as more people than you intended may show up
  • Keep in contact with those involved, and don't get discouraged if you don't hear from people on forums, sometimes they'll just look and show up.
  • Make a list of possible people and one of definite people who are showing up.
  • Some of the best places to post car meets are on forums for the same make of car you have.

Meets can be fun, when they work out. It usually depends on the season, especially if you live where it gets cold. But if you like setting up meets for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, then there is obviously no better time than winter. I plan to set up some beach meets in the summer as it would be fun just to chill and reminisce of the sixties a little bit when people used to pack their surfboards in their woody wagons and catch some waves. Have fun!