Exterior Modification plans:

  As you have been reading, I have been modifying my XV a little bit. So far on the exterior all I have are the Mud flaps (see Rally Armor mudflaps overview) but, I plan to go even further, maybe if I can find a set of XV headlamps that are HID from the factory, I may retro fit those as they should be a direct bolt on to the stock wiring. I would also be adding a rear painted spoiler and sport mesh grill to complete the aggressive look.  Now the painted pieces such as the grill and the spoiler are from Subaru and are specifically made for the XV so there is not any issue of fitment as they are direct bolt on units. Now as far as the undercarriage goes, I will be adding some Primitive Racing skid plates both for the rear differential housing and the front as well.   This of course, will all be done over time. Stay tuned for more...

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