DRL's Backordered.... But...

So the first pair of Headlamps came in today. they had a not inside stating that my DRL's that I ordered are backordered and will receive them when they become available.  Of course, me being impatient, I installed them on the car. So far I am happy with the quality of products that OLM and Subispeed have to offer. Granted, Subispeed is a retailer that focuses on the performance cars (BR-Z, WRX, STi) that are apart of the Subaru brand. However, the light sockets are the same so doing this retrofit was fairly straight forward. You can even use the same videos for the WRX that are on Subispeed.com. I went with the 5500K LED kit from OLM to get a more whiter light. I read somewhere the bluer the light, the less effective they are in foul weather. 

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