Back at it....

   Lately I am like a mad scientist. I have told you about my plans for the lights. What I failed to tell you is where I am heading with my ideas. My thoughts started with "I'll just do the lights" to "What if the WRX had an evil stepchild that was lifted?" I am thinking a tamer evil stepchild as I still need to drive this everywhere and is my main source of transportation. But that doesn't mean I can't add minor mechanical modifications. Right? Maybe I'll get it tuned later on.  But as of right now, most of my modifications are cosmetic and for safety as well.  So far I have installed LED's in to the parking lights, and the Eyebrows. I did try installing them into my taillights and I got lights on my dash for my TCS, ABS and Hill start assist. What's next? LED high and low beams... That'll do it for now. I will have some more goodies to show you in the upcoming weeks. Before I forget, the parking lights are philips LED's that are 194 (same family as the 168) so it's a simple install.

OLM C-lights at night.
Olm C-Lights during the day.