Starting Discover my Subaru's potential part II

   This winter has not been easy, it's been below 30 degrees for longer than I can remember; and it's not over yet. The climate change around here can be tough for any vehicle let alone my Subaru. Despite the fluctuation in temperature, my car is doing well. I now have almost 9,000 miles on it and is almost due for its 10,000 mile service. A couple weeks ago my friend and I decided to go to Skiward for their sweet lift ticket deals. So I folded the seats  we packed both our gear and board in the back and away we went. No issues whatsoever, except it was all of 12 degrees outside. The car performed great like always. I feel safe and confident driving it. This car doesn't have winter tires on it yet (I will wait until the off season to purchase them dude to lower pricing.) it still handles respectively well, I have driven in wicked snow storms with whipping winds blowing snow across the roads, and I even went through the thanksgiving day storm on a 4 hour drive north to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Snow can't stop this thing, the cold sure doesn't. Let's see what happens during rain season. Mud Anyone?

Boston Winter snow storm Jan. 2, 2014