2014 Subaru Forester Review:

    As you all know I own a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. But what I did't tell you is about a day after I bought my car, my parents went down to Braintree, and bought their 2014 Forester from Quirk Works Subaru as well. Now my parents are in their upper 50's and enjoyed the features such as heated seats, review camera for the price they paid.  Their Forester is a Dark Gray Metallic with the Premium trim package. For those who are new to the way Subaru sets their packages up on the Forester, it goes like this: 2.5i, Premium, Limited,  Touring then the 2.0 XT Premium and XT Touring. The difference between the Base and premium is that the base has no roof racks, HD radio or reverse camera.  Price between the two is about $2,000 just for the trim package and on both the CVT is additional 1000 for the base and an additional $1,500 for the premium. Now as you step up to the Limited and above, the only transmission you can get is the CVT. These packages are adequate for someone who take trips to the farm or the beach and do not really have any intentions of going up and down steep grades as neither have Subaru's (Electronic Decent Control) as you would on the 2.5i Limited, 2.5i Touring, 2.0XT Premium, 2.0XT Touring packages. Now with that being said there is a Subaru for anyone in your family. I love my Crosstrek but it wasn't the right fit for my parents as they wanted something a little bit bigger than what I have, but not something as big as a Navigator or an Escalade. They knew that they wanted heated seats and a few extras, without paying a premium price. That is what I think Subaru does best, delivering a well packaged vehicle for a reasonable price point. Prices on Subaru's lineup starts at 17,895 with the Impreza and can range up to 34,095 with their flagship SUV, the Tribeca. This is the same process that my parents used when settling on their forester. of course you could buy a Mazda,  pay more, and get stuck in the snow, or a Honda and pay the price of a Tribeca (or a Cadillac SRX) after you add the AWD.

Last Night's Meet...

   So last night's Owner's Meet did not go as I hoped due to nobody showing up. I have decided to reschedule the Subaru meet for Thursday, February 13 at 7pm. The location is still to be determined as I am still working that part out. I want a large group so I will schedule so far in advance that people can do what they have to to make it.  I hope that everyone follows me on Twitter that reads this as I will be posting the information for upcoming meets on there. I would like to make this a monthly or biweekly event. I already have a meet scheduled for owners who like skiing and snowboarding for Tuesday, March 4 from 11am-4pm at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury. But that is still way far down the road. Stay tuned as I will post pictures of other owners' vehicles as time goes on. I like winter, as I snowboard, but I like all the other seasons for other reasons such as car shows, meets and hitting the sun filled beaches in Hampton. That's all for now! I will be taking the weekend off so I will post on Monday. Thanks for following!