Exhaust modification

    As my car is still fairly new I am planning to modify my exhaust with a kit from Rallisport racing. If you don't know about these guys, they are out of Washington state and custom fabricate parts for N/A Subarus, primarily Imprezas. Right now they make an axle back otherwise known as a  rear section exhaust and Tubular headers that are really nice. The prices are reasonable too, $263 for the rear section exhaust and starting at around $725 for the headers. These parts are all made out of stainless steel for reliability and durability.

     Could you buy something off of eBay for less? It is indeed possible. However, remember you get what you pay for. eBay is a good place for somethings, if you buy name brand  parts and accessories. If you are looking for some performance modifications such as forced induction items like a turbo, you are better off paying a little more money and getting something that will last you a while.

With the aftermarket slowly catching up with the new FB series 2.0i engine, manufactures like Borla are starting to make their own production  parts. I am beginning to realize that there are ways to maximize even more engine power out of the 2.0i. Could there be a turbo kit in the works? I would not put it past a company like Perrin Performance or Cobb to not to try. Honestly, if you want to corner the performance market, forced induction kits for a Naturally aspirated car is one more feather in your cap to have.

If you are interested in checking out Rallisport Racing for yourself, go to http://rallisportracing.com.