My Experience dealing with Quirk Works Subaru in Braintree, MA

Everyone is probably wondering where I went when I decided to buy, right? I landed at Quirk Works Subaru after scouring hours upon hours online looking for a XV Crosstrek Premium. Then one Sunday morning my dad brings home the Boston Globe, for whom he works for, and what do you know? There was an ad for just that, a 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Premium 2.0i 5-speed in silver. Obviously, I did not get that one as it was already sold by the time i got there as it was a special offer for $18,699. My sales consultant, Lideon, had 2 others on the lot, one was in "Tangerine Orange Pearl" and was a CVT, or the one I opted for, the Venetian Red Pearl. So I figured I drove all the way down here so I'm not leaving here with out one for a steal. By this time I have poor Lideon running around like a mad man, seeing if there are more Crosstreks coming in with the options I want and what have you. Eventually I said "you know what?" Lideon was looking at me like "what?" I told him "the red is starting to grow on me."  He's said "okay" So we sat down and started doing the deal. After that Lideon, my dad and I sat down and started negotiating prices. Like all deals, there was some going back and fourth on price. Lideon worked with us the whole way through the deal. I would recommend anyone that is looking to buy a Subaru to deal with him and Quirk Works Subaru. One Last thing, their parts department has some of the lowest prices around. Their eBay store prices are the same as in-store.