Question of the week: "Are Subaru owners different from other owners?"

       Yes, at least I think so and salespeople at the local dealerships do as well. Most people who walk into a Subaru dealership are the kind of people who know what they are looking for. I knew when I went vehicle hunting, I needed something that could get me through the winters and still have adequate room to put all of my camping and fishing equipment in the spring. I turned to Subaru just for the fact that all they know is all wheel drive and getting respectable fuel economy. I also needed a vehicle that didn't look like a soccer mom would be taking her kids and her neighbor's kids to practice and still have enough room to put my German Shepard dog mix inside. Also, I'm only 25 so I wanted something that fit the bill.

    As far as the matter of ownership, Subaru owners are usually animal owners or outdoor enthusiasts, I just happen to be both.  Our Subies are our way of making it easier to get home from where ever the road or trail takes us. Just hop on over to a Subaru dealership and you'll see a different kind of owner. Am I saying if you own a Honda or a Mazda you can't join us? No. It's always better late than never especially if you live in a place where you have snow.