Rally Armor Mudflap install oversight

       I bought a set of Rally Armor mud flaps for my Subaru to protect the paint from road debris such as gravel and pebbles that are found on our highways here in the states. These mud flaps come with all the brackets and hardware you would need to put them on your vehicle, providing you order the ones that are application specific. Rally Armor also has some different logo color options as well to match the scheme of your vehicle. The Quality overall is a high grade polyurethane with a glossy finish, which I know some people have complained about and ordered a different brand because of it. To me however, it is not that big of a deal and actually prefer it as it just looks good with the color of the car and looks like it came that way straight from Subaru. Another great thing is that every vehicle specific set you buy will come with detailed instructions on how to mount them on to your vehicle and there will be no fuss or need for fabrication. The install only took me 45 minutes because of in house distractions and running in and out to grab the right sized sockets and different screw drivers. The price for a set of four is about $145.00 (USD) for the 2013+ XV Crosstrek models and will vary on what application you have. Each set is made at their factory in New York and all the materials they get are from inside the U.S.