Perrin Performace Shift Knob

I recently installed my Perrin performsnce shift knob and I  could not be any happier with my selection. It feels better in my hand over the stock piece. This shift knob has a rubberized texture to it and is anodized aluminum for durability and longevity. I opted for the larger diameter to make it easier to grab the gears and for a more stock like look. The shift knob came with a 6mm hex key, instructions, 2 shift knob decals (one that says "Perrin" and one with the pattern and Perrin on the side), and 2 Perrin decals for your vehicle. I was going to do a video on installation, however, the installation is pretty self explanatory. All you have to do is screw the old shift knob off and pull the collar of the shift boot off and reverse the process.